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Ecommerce Seller Finance

Ecommerce Seller Finance

Ecommerce Seller Finance does not focus on vendor’s old records (Past Financial Statements & Income Tax returns) to evaluate the credit risk profile of a potential client. Infact it is given on the basis of their current year’s cash flows and business growth.

We help arrange a short term revolving credit line, which can be used any time to pay the suppliers, employees, taxes and other liabilities. Our effort is to make capital funds available through our affiliate NBFCs at finger tips so that entrepreneurs can focus on business instead of worrying about gaps in their cash-flows. These loans can be availed Pan India.

  • 100% Online Process.
  • Loan amount Up to 100 lacs.
  • Sellers listed to the e-Tailer can avail loan amount ranging from 1 lac to 100 lacs.
  • Instant approval.
  • No collateral.
  • No need to provide any Guarantors or give any collateral to avail Seller Finance Loans.
  • Nil foreclosure charges.
  • Choose to foreclose loan anytime during the loan tenor without any charges.
  • Preapproved offers.
Uses of Ecommerce Finance:
  • To Increase Inventory
  • To Add New products
  • To Sell on More Market Places
  • To Earn Customer Loyalty & Trust
  • Grow Business exponentially.
  • Avail cash discount
  • Participate in online fests
  • Manage cash flow gaps.
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